Deer Hunting


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Alex Head harvested the last buck of the season on 12/31/08, with a 16" spread, weighing in @ 150lbs

Jerry Sweeney harvested a 9 point, 150lbs with a 16" spread on 12/03/08.

Layton Wojtas, 9 years old harvested his first buck on 11/27/08, an 8 pointer with a 14" spread, weighing in at 155lbs. Great Job Layton!!!

Ron Hopkins harvested an 8 point, 180lb with a 18.5" spread on 11/23/08

David Crowe harvested an 8 point, 145 lbs with a 15" spread on 11-10-08.

Tracy Hamilton harvested a 9 pointer with a 19.75 in. spread, weighing in @ 225lbs.

Derreck Gravitt harvested a 9 pointer on 10/18/08 weighing in at 200lbs with a 16.25" inch spread.

Chanda Anderson harvested 10/26/07 a 8pt-155lbs

Bill Furgerson harvested 10/26/07 a 8pt-145lbs

Alex Head & Ron Hopkins harvested on the same day!

Alex Head harvested 10/26/07 a 9pt-155lbs

Ron Hopkins harvested 10/25/07 10pt-210lbs

David Broadus harvested 11/04/07 a 8pt-165lbs

Jack Ganues harvested 11/04/07 a 8pt-170lbs

Ron Hopkins harvested 11/08/07 a 8pt-185lbs

Bill Richards harvested a 8 pt-150lbs on 11/16/07

Jason Bales harvested a 8 Pt 180lbs on 11/24/07