We started as a simple hunting camp...

and our roots are stronger than ever. Durhamtown has grown into the Southeast's premiere MX, ATV, 4X4, and SXS wonderland, but our 6000 acres are still teaming with all types of wildlife. We average 30-35 deer per square mile!

We offer daily hunts and premium hunting memberships for large and small game. While we have strict rules on size and spread, this is to keep a healthy population. We supplement food and minerals off season and maintain several food plots throughout the property.




$200.00 : Daily Hunt Fee Per Person, Per Day

includes One Buck or One Hog, (& One Doe per Visit)


$175.00 : Per Day Group Rate 3 people or more


$175.00 : Per Day for 2 - 4 days (Days can be separated and used anytime for Deer/Hog)


$150.00 : Per Day for 5 - 8 days (Days can be separated and used anytime for Deer/Hog)

$300.00 : Additional Buck or Hog

***All Bucks must be 4 points or more on one side & a 16” minimum outside spread or Penatly Applies***

12 Month Family Membership 

(Includes Primary, Spouse, and Children thru High School Age.)


$1500 : Deer Only

$1850 : Deer, Hog, and Turkey

$400 :  Turkey Only

$350 : Small Game - Coon/Rabbit

***Membership Valid One Year from Purchase Date***

***Limit 3 Bucks Per Membership***

***Limit 4 Doe Per Membership***

***Limit 3 Turkey Per Membership***

***No Limit Hog Per Membership***